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Enso is no longer in business. There is no plan to restock in the future.


Thank you to the following media outlets for helping us share love. 

Photo credit to MindBodyGreen: "Using Enso is a beautiful way to forge a deeper connection to yourself or a loved one. Talk about a timeless present."

Photo credit to Goop: "Possibly the most intimate way to say “I love you” of all time"

Chalkboard Mag: "An intimately soothing experience much like that of meditating"

Thrive Global: "Who knew tech could be so romantic?"

Nylon: "[Enso] measures your heartbeat and plays it back to you as a way to encourage meditation, calm, and slower breathing."  

Bustle: "Enso brings a whole new meaning to holding someone's heart in your hand. With an app, Enso allows you to not just share your own heartbeat, but feel the heartbeat of your loved ones no matter where they are on the planet. It truly is the perfect gift for feeling connected to someone you love and to feel connected to yourself through guided meditation."

Lonny: "While you thought you could only metaphorically give your heart to your special someone, now can come pretty close! This tech device will record your heartbeat and let the holder feel it themselves. This is the perfect gift for the romantic."

US Magazine: "I found this really cool thing called an Enso heartbeat monitor that records a heartbeat. You put it in your hand and it records a heartbeat and I got it for both of my parents and you can record either your own heartbeat just to hold it for anxiety or you can record someone else's heartbeat like your kid's heartbeat. I got it for my mom and dad for both their parents who are older just to have that and I just thought it would be sweet.” - January Jones

Blog mentions

Sakara: "This device records a heartbeat—whether it be yours, a lover, a best friend. The magic that ensues afterward is calming and connected."

The Helm: "Record and share a loved one’s heartbeat"

Zencare: "A unique gadget that shares your heartbeat with loved ones anywhere in the world."

Live The Process: "A glimpse at Enso"

Olio Maestro: "Enso senses and pulses with your heartbeat in real time to center you in your body. Or you can save the heartbeat of someone you love and share your heartbeat with them via the app. Technology meets love."

Soul of Everle: "A beautiful way to stay connected to your heart and the heart of your LovEd ones."

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